Drops on Demand

12 Aug 2014

Portable Lighting

We've just released the code and instructions to make your own portable, music responsive lighting for your costumes or bikes. It's an early release. There will be code updates but the hardware is final.

We have two versions for you: a NeoPixel LED strip version and an EL Wire version.


The NeoPixel version is what we're using on the Dropship itself. It's a strip of individually addressable RGB LEDs. Very versatile, bright, and a lot of pattern possibilities. However, they're less durable for clothing and may need an additional 5V power supply. We have no idea how long this will run on batteries.

Repo (master branch): https://github.com/dropship/cod/tree/master

El Wire

The EL Wire version works with the Sparkfun Escudo Dos shield. The parts list is simplfied so that you can stack the all the shields together. However, due to pin conflicts, you can only drive 5 strands of EL wire instead of 8. The EL wire is less versatile but more durable and probably runs longer on a single battery pack. That said, we have no idea how long this will run on batteries.

Repo (escudo-el-wire branch): https://github.com/dropship/cod/tree/escudo-el-wire


We don't have a program to test that your creation is working yet. Hopefully, we'll have one before we all head out to the desert. If not, you'll just have to test it when you see Anita's Dropship. Fortunately, we'll be around to help.

If you have any questions or feedback, please open an Issue in the repo.