Drops on Demand

05 May 2014

Bring in da noise

Our sound system has arrived. Rauri has put together a fine menu for us. It starts with a couple high-efficency class-D car amplifiers to squeeze the most sound out of our little 2000 watt generator. It's followed by four 12" full range cones. For the main, we have four 15" woofers. We finish with four 2" tweeters.

We have no idea how we're going to fit all this awesome into one hand drawn cart.

We ran into a small wrinkle with power. Turns out, our generator can only put out about 96 watts at 12VDC. We can only get the full 2000 watts on the 120VAC line. There isn't an obvious way to turn high voltage, low current power into low voltage, high current power. This thing would burn out your average 12VDC adapter as soon as you whispered, "Trunk Musik."

So what else runs in homes on low current and high power? I'm looking at you, nerds. That's right, high-end computer graphics cards. Making sweat bead off the forehead of your Navy SEAL in Call of Duty takes the same kind of power as making your car windows wobble from Tipper. We got 850 watt computer PSUs and soldered all the 12VDC lines together to get the amperes we needed.

It'll be fiiiiiine.