Drops on Demand

29 Mar 2014

Eran wants to ship some drops

Hunting for inspiration

After shepherd's pie and much beer, we were able to enlist the help of veteran Burning Man builder, Eran AKA Whoops, to help design and build the physical manifestation of Anita's Dropship.

When the idea was conceived in deep playa, "Dropship" made me think of a space ship. Something like an old future-of-the-1950s flying saucer.

Eran and I went back and forth on a lot general shapes this thing could take. We wanted the thing to be mobile and towable by bike. Something spewing generative dubstep as we cruised through the adventures of the night. We also wanted some big physical input for The Build.

One of our leading ideas was two bycycles, side by side. The pedals would no longer drive the wheels but feed into a generator and sensor. People could ride the bikes to build the drop. The four wheels of the bikes would be the wheels of the piece. We would tow it with two other bikes. We would also clad the whole thing in whatever deco we chose. It sounded like a bitch to build and maintain.

We went back to term Dropship. Instead of "ship" as a noun, what about "ship" as a verb? We're shipping drops.

Let's start with the cardboard delivery box that has become so ubiquitous in our time. The delivery man is the modern day Santa Claus, and every day can be Christmas if we want it to be. However, instead of delivering faddish battery-powered crap, built on the sweat of low wage workers living under oppressive governments, that end up in our e-waste bins in mere months; we could take this human interaction that has become an integral part of the machine of consumerism and turn it around. We could deliver something more positive. We could deliver a musical experience. We could deliver a moment. We could deliver The Drop.